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What is DogHuggy

DogHuggy is a dog boarding service that matches you with a dog host nearby who will take care of your dog at their home while you are away for a vacation or a business trip.
Experienced host will fulfill your dogs need in a cage-free environment.

What’s special about DogHuggy?

1. perfect care

Free in-person meet with the host will allow your dog to follow the same routine as your dog’s everyday lifestyle.

2. Cage-free environment

Your dog will be treated as a member of the host family in a Cage-free environment.

3. daily reports

The host will send you pictures and messages everyday to note you how your dog is doing, making you feel close to your dog while you are away.

How to make a reservation

Reservation can be made in five simple steps!


Read verified reviews and pick the doghosts.

Step2:Send a meet request

You will be able to schedule an in-person meet with your host before the stay.

Step3:Send a reservation request

Select the desired date on the calendar and proceed to the reservation request.


Book and pay securely through the website

Step5:Let’s go doghost house!

Staff recommends the DogHost.

They doghost is available in English.







Q. What’s the difference between dog hotels?

A. Your dog will be staying at the caretakers home in a cage-free environment.

Q. Are the hosts safe?

A. All hosts pass a basic background check including a test of their skill and knowledge about dogs. Also, DogHuggy team staff has visited all host houses to check the indoor environment.

Q. Can I talk to the host in person?

A. Of course. You will be able to schedule an in-person meet with your host before the stay.

If you have any more questions, please email DogHuggy support center at